As a fellow creative, I understand the pleasures and perils of the creative process. I know the challenges and the obstacles that can stop you from putting your work out into the world. I draw from my toolbox as a storyteller and writer, as well as my years as a CNN journalist, magazine editor, and story editor to help you birth your story onto the page and into the world.

Contact me at to talk about how I can help you and ask about rates. 

Third Eye Editing

As a fellow writer, I find that it’s helpful to have another set of eyes look at my work in between drafts. I can help you suss out what your latest draft needs. Rather than proofing and copy editing, I focus on content and structure. Third eye editing is ideal for essay writers, columnists, bloggers, and people creating their own web content. We work on process so you can get to product. 

Story Massage

I believe that every piece of writing knows what it wants to be. I can help you by finding and releasing the parts of your draft that need to go so that what you really have to say can emerge fully onto the page. Every session is customized according to what your body of work needs. 

Brainstorming Priestess

Let me go with you as you dive deeply into your creative process. Together, we will brainstorm, workout your ideas, strategize next steps, and pull through what is already bubbling up to the surface of your subconscious. Everyone needs support and someone to bounce ideas off. People who have worked with me say they leave our sessions feeling inspired, unblocked, and ready to go.